About Reks

His name is Reks Twelve. He comes from a place called The Sphere.

It was there that his story began, and it is here through this site that you will learn of his journey to Earth.

I will tell you what I can of him without revealing any pivotal events that you will come to know in sequence.

He grew up in one of only two cities on The Sphere: Tor. An architectural marvel of watch towers, markets, farms, houses and businesses of what I can only describe as a Gothic, Aztec design. All contained and surrounded by walls, protecting the citizens from the dangers of the vast jungles and forests that blanket the rest of the Sphere.

The other of the two cities is known as Sovereign City; where all who wish to rule the sphere endeavor to reach. Reks will tell you more in his writings.

His parents; Aneela and Nolan are loving would love nothing more than to see Reks succeed in all his pursuits.

He’s just turned 18, and is studying to be a watchman; like his father: A person obligated to watch for the instructions of the Sovereign leader on then other side of The Sphere.

Reks likes to do well in his studies, but always manages to be upstaged by his rival and current nemesis; Victor. reks would have more friends if it weren’t for him and his manipulative ways.

Reks’ enjoys watching the shows put on by his fellow students; plays of fantasy and fictitious events are his favourite. He enjoys listening to the experimental string instrument music of the elders who have indulged too much on the Maru trees beneficial properties.

He seeks friends who have lived, who have gained stories of their own and he enjoys hearing them speak about their tumultuous lives, and harmonious pauses.

He doesn’t know who I am yet, but that’s a story he will write for you, and when he does it will send him down a path of inevitable danger.

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