The Ninth Night Continued

There are still unknowns hiding in this world for me to find, there are still things about The Sphere I will endeavour to understand. But for now I will tell you the rest of my story from when I left you.

I stood up, wobbled and walked to the door. My hand hesitated as I reached for the handle, but I couldn’t NOT open it. I hadn’t come this far to just stare at it. I twisted, and threw it open hard beside me.

‘A Mirror?’ I thought for an instant.

‘Impossible!’ My next thought rang.

I extended my hand, the mirror didn’t respond; as though it were blind to my presence. But no, it moved; stepped towards me. Instinctively I moved backwards. Once his eyes passed the threshold of the room’s door, they locked with mine.

“I cant believe I’ve found you…” He began. His voice sounded oddly familiar I cringed with confusion, trying to process this noise. “I’ve been looking for you, ever since you appeared online. But it wasn’t easy. I have been altered in some way Reks, and only when you are in this room, do I feel whole. It’s almost as if I can’t think with all of my brain when you go back to The Sphere.”

My mind was ruined with queries and conflict. So much so I couldn’t even ask a question. But, I didn’t need to; the man before me simply kept talking.

“I’m Isaac, and you Reks, are my imagination…”

I was stupified further. How in The Sphere could I be HIS imagination? I asked my thoughts; to no answer.

“We used to be one being Reks. I remember the day clearly, it was the last day I saw the world in its beauty, and the last day I experienced a creative thought. You are eighteen, correct?” He asked me. I nodded, still in a stupor. “That would make you about four, and I was twelve when you were taken from me…”

“Taken? what do you mean? Was I placed on the Sphere?”

“More like imprisoned. For some reason someone has targeted us, they saught to destroy us before we were able to understand our own purpose. They trapped you on The Sphere and left me alone with an echoing mind.”

I shook my head in disbelief.

“All of my hardships? My friends? My family? My enemies? Everything I’ve recounted in this room is what? Imaginary?” Isaac stepped closer to me, I flinched back half a step. “Reks, your entire being is imaginary. I can’t explain all of it, I do believe all your accomplishments have truly happened, somewhere. I need your help Reks, someone has done this to us. I know we can find them together.”

Isaac extended his hand, he pleaded silently for me to take it. I could see something in his eyes, or more like something missing, something void, but something honest. His words, his motives and actions, I could sense were sincere. I also sensed that there was something out of my control, and out of his too.

But not this, this was entirely in our control.

A feeling expanded in me. Somewhere between my chin and my guts, it felt like fear, it felt like pain, like I wasnt alive, until just now.

I took his hand.

My eyes slammed shut, not by my own reaction but from some external, unstoppable force. The feeling in my chest grew to a level of pain akin to every hair on my body being pulled from my skin at the same time. I opened my eyes, and Isaac was gone.

“I’m here…” he said, I looked around; nothing, I couldn’t see him. “…I’m, in your head…” He continued. “Is this how it’s going to be from now on?” I asked.

“Well, no, I think you will be inside my head, once we leave here. This room I mean. Since I was the one in control to begin with, I can only assume I will be the one in control in the present and future.”

“Oh…” I said; defeated. “…Am I just a passenger now? Only ever able to feel alive within the confines of this room? Only allowed to exist within the walls of your mind?”

Silence was my answer. Isaac didn’t know, and I felt alone. “I can feel what you feel Reks. You’re not alone, not anymore, and never again.” He said. “If you can feel my emotion, shouldn’t I be able to feel yours, outside?” I asked.

“There’s only one way to find out Reks.” I knew what he meant. “What will we do, once we leave?” I queried. “Your writing of the events on The Sphere, was so powerful, it drew me to you and whether it was your intention or not, returned you to me. I think your… Our writing can help us uncover the truth to our seperation. Before we met i knew something was wrong, but I couldnt think of what or why. I’ve been in a shroud of unimagination, and now, now the ideas flow easily through my mind. I think the person responsible is a writer. Only a constructor of worlds, a creator of fates, could augment our lives like this.”

“So how do we fight someone like that? Write about them to flush them out?”

“If they’re smart enough to send someones imagination to another planet, I dont think they’re going to be easily outed by some creative antagonistation. No, I think they split us up because we are the only one who can stop them, who can beat them at their goal. The only goal any man truly wants; to rule the world. We have to beat them to it Reks”

“Wait, you want us to take over the world. You realise I just came from a place where my life was lost trying to end such a tyranny?”

“Yes, but you did lose didnt you? Your motives were foolproof, but you needed to rule The Sphere in order to make it happen. That conflict led to your demise, and I think if you had fallen anywhere outside of Sovereign City’s walls we would have never reunited. And now that we have, I can tell you easily; I will see this through, I will not let this slip through my grasp. You failed because you didnt have me, and I been a failure without you. Not anymore, I will give you, us, a new chance to end tyranny, will you help me?”

After less thought than I thought I would need, I decided he was right. I was right, from the very beginning. I was just in the wrong place, fighting the wrong tyrants.
I will help Isaac write a book, we will take over the world.

You will hear from us again.

Look for the name Reks Twelve.

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