In the year 2082 earth was designated as an endangered entity. All the governments of the world decided to merge and form the Encephalon; a conglomerate charged with the rejuvenation and protection of nature, no matter the cost.

The rest of the population however, were convicted of treason against the ecosystem, and were sentenced to endure the restoration of the planet for whatever time was necessary. To ensure they were utilised to their full potential and work without contest, they were fitted with Intelliguises; devices designed to dull brain functions, temporarily turning humans into drones, assimilating them into the Encephalon’s network.

Now it’s the year 2100 and the Earth is repaired to a level of magnificence unseen for 100,000 years. But the Encephalon is yet to release humanity from its prison.

That’s where Elix comes in; she’s been on the run from the Encephalon since she was 8, and now that she’s 26 she’s come to realise the Encephalon has lied about every part of the reason the world was assimilated. Despite her mentor and friend Artemis’ best efforts she has heard of an uprising; a group of humans that have evaded assimilation just as she has. Elix is now one step closer to finding out exactly why humanity has been enslaved and one step closer to freeing her parents and the rest of the world.

This is the first full length novel from the likes of Reks Twelve. This edition is post publication and as such I have dubbed: Zero Edition. All rights remain that of the writer Reks Twelve and his counterpart Isaac; whose last name is omitted.

Stay vigilant for the upcoming posts.

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